Do you want your smile back?

Know about your blocks
Intuitive Tarot readings

How would it feel to know exactly what is holding you back from conquering the life that you want?
Most likely, the language of symbols and intuition knows a thing or two, rather than reasoning, when it comes to discovering your true blocks, the very obstacles you couldn't – or didn't want to – see.
Contact me for a reading with the symbols of Tarot and intuition, so we can discover together which are your own blocks and concentrate on what you really want to overcome.

Know your birth chart
Astrology and numerology

How would it be to have a detailed knowledge of your impulses, drives, and the kind of experiences you regularly end up seeking?
The influence we received from both stars and numbers at the moment of our births is capable of showing up in so many aspects of our lives.
It is much easier to face a personal growth path when you know each and every aspect of your personality.
Contact me to receive a detailed full report of your birth astrological and numerological chart.

Get off the hamster wheel

Stress is a sneaky poison. Nowadays we are always hustling, alert and available, constantly stimulated. Just like a big wave, stress can submerge you with disastrous impact.
How would it feel if, instead of letting yourself be overwhelmed and knocked down, you could just ride that wave as if using a surf board?
Contact me to find out which techniques are the best suited to find your balance back.

Discover your superpowers
Life coaching

How would it feel if you could take that big step that you always thought it was far out of your reach?
And how would you feel if you could claim the right to feel great every day? And if you could prevent people from violating your own space?
Contact me to find out which techniques will let all your potentialities arise.
You might discover you have talents that look like actual superpowers to your present perspective.

Nice to meet you

Ciao! My name is Marco Vlad Sandrini.
I am a meditation teacher, Ho'oponopono practitioner, and spiritual researcher.

I was very young, during the Eighties, when I came across my very first personal growth techniques, prodded by the need to overcome my blocks, which I thought insurmountable. Later, I continued studying this fascinating subject with increasing drive, as well as committing my time to a profound inner research.

I want to help you to find your path towards your goals, without giving up on your happiness and peace.